Professional Water Extraction

Rely on Us for Thorough Water Extraction and Drying

If you've suffered a major leak or other water damage in your home or business, you need the proven skills of a professional cleaning company to ensure everything is as dry and clean as possible. If you need water extraction and drying, choose HENDERSON'S CARPET CLEANING.
Water Damage Drying

Prevent Further Water Damage With Proper Drying

Without complete water removal and thorough drying, you run the risk of further damage. Wood will rot and mold and mildew will develop. Mold and mildew are irritants that can cause a variety of respiratory discomforts, and some forms of mold can even be deadly.

We'll extract the water and dry your home or business with the best equipment for the job. We'll make sure we address all the places water lingers, including spaces in your walls. Our services are ideal for all types of water damage.
  • Wet basements
  • Wet floors
  • Flooding from rain or snow
  • Broken pipes
If you have water in your home or office, contact us right away for a FREE estimate. It's important to start the cleanup as quickly as possible to prevent more damage.
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